Leather Carving for Beginners

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Article and Video by Bruce Cheaney You can use the building block process to learn how to tool and carve leather designs and figures ad motifs. Leather carving for beginners you can start out cutting in simple designs and learn how to control your swivel knife and in no time at all you will be on your way to tooling and carving leather. This video tutorial will show you two different swivel knives one with a five eights inch barrel and the other with a one half inch barrel. One of the … [Read more...]

How to Transfer Leather Designs

I spent most of the day drawing two pencil drawings for a custom saddle that I am making the pattern is an Oak Leaf and Acorn Pattern that I have used and developed over the years.  I like to keep my patterns fresh and updated and unique to the saddle that I am making.  After I got the patterns where they suited me the next step was to trace the patterns over to the cased leather. I have a leather casing video that shows you how I case leather and you can find it here at the Leathercraft … [Read more...]

Casing Leather

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This is tutorial on casing leather so it can be carved using a swivel knife.  The leather here is tanned by the Hermann Oak Leather Company, St. Louis, Missouri and is called saddle skirting and is a natural Russett color.  The pieces to be carved and tooled have been cut to shape and have been wet in a sink full of clean tap water. I drop the pieces down into the sink and let them set until they soak up enough water to actually sink then I lay the pieces out on the drying table so the water … [Read more...]


To me Leathercraft is taking raw materials such as a tanned cowhide and working it and shaping it and tooling and carving a design into it plus a personal touch on it and making something I am proud to put my Makers Mark on.  One such project comes to mind and that is a Longhorn Skull Mount that I made not long ago this leather project took me about ten days to complete once I got started. The materials used were a whole side of Hermann Oak Leather 13/15 oz. Russett Saddle Skirting  that came … [Read more...]