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Ten leather tools to get started with leathercraft.  This would be my pick of leather tools to start leather working a craftsman trimming knife, round knife, awl haft and awl, saddlers awls, western edgers, CSO scratch compass and wing dividers and a leather workers hammer.  With these tools you will be able to cut out leather pieces and skive and edge them whether it is a belt, guitar strap, purse, wallet or any leather craft project you want to make.

1.  Craftsman Trimming Knife with a dozen curved blades.

2.  Head knife or a Round Knife either a C S Osborne or a Knife mad by the Weaver Leather Leather Company.

3.  C S Osborne Hand Skife Knife that uses injector razor blades this tool is for skiving leather by hand.

4.  C S Osborne awl haft and diamond shaped blade 2 1/4″ to 2 3/4″ in length.

5.  One small and one large size of the C S Osborne saddlers awls.

6.  Number 1 and number 2 size number 133 Western edgers made by C S Osborne.

7.  A Weaver Leather tight corner edger for edging around tight corners.

8.  C S Osborne 6″ or 8″ Wing Dividers.

9.  C S Osborne Scratch Compass for cutting a groove in the leather so the hand stitching will be protected against wear.

10. A good Cobblers Hammer or Leather Workers Hammer I have found several good ones on Ebay listed under vintage leather tools and all they needed was a new handle and then they were as good as new.

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This video shows the ten leather tools I am talking about so you can get familiar with what they look like.

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Leather tools I use every day are very important to me and I have complied a list of the top ten leather tools that I use the most often for my leathercrafting, saddle making, belt making, sheath making ect. If you are just now getting started with leathercraft this list will give you some direction on what you might need for leather working tools. If I had to start over and retool my leathercraft work bench here is my choice for leather tools; 1. Leathercraft Knife (craftsman trimming knife) 2. Round Knife 3. Skife Knife 4. Saddlers Awl Haft 5. Saddlers Awls 6. CSO Western Edgers 7. Tight Corner Edger 8. Wing Dividers 9. Scratch Compass 10. Leather Working Hammer.

The following pictures show the leather tools I use every day and suits my needs, some of the tools have been modified so they perform better. It is a good idea to have a special place on your workbench for each tool to protect the points and cutting edges so the will be sharp when you need to use them.

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